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The building must be adequately mapped to deliver an excellent 3D information model.


If old 2D drawings are no longer correct or missing, the point cloud offers a solution.

Crew-B owns three VLX mobile scanners. These portable scanners are highly accurate and lightning-fast because the VLX is mobile!


You have come to the right place for the Scan-to-BIM principle.

Imagine a new hotel to be realized in an existing building with a column structure. During the construction work, a column appears one meter to the right. A column one meter to the right in a somewhat cramped hotel room is often not possible, and the whole design has to be redone.


Weeks of delay and high additional costs. With the point cloud of our VLX and our models, you can prevent this misery because we measure/scan your building very accurately and provide your drawing based on this output.​

Team vergadering


  • Scan existing location. Good start to every project based on our accurate point clouds

  • Scan based on RD Coordinate(NL) for a model at precise coordinates

  • Quality Assurance Act. Scanning throughout the construction process to later review and measure the entire construction process in each phase.

  • Digital Twin with the point cloud as a basis in our indoor viewer IVION

  • Creating a Mesh. Insert a complicated part into the drawing based on a point cloud without modelling.

  • Indoor navigation. With our partners' software, in combination with our scans, we can navigate through a building or area with AR.

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