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When there are 3D information models of your building, it is, of course, desirable that these are shared with you quickly and securely.


After all, information must be easy and easily accessible.

Our clients can use the BIM in Docs for facilities management, MJOPs, sensors or Remote Surveillance systems, among other things.

As a facility employee, you deal with many parties and products, such as contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.


If all information is available in a 3D information model, every part of your building can be linked to a (sub)contractor.


This is one of the many possibilities that we can provide for you in the field of facility management.

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  • Digital Twin. By creating a library of BIM models of a real estate portfolio, a facility manager has all data available 24/7.Manage and view building portfolio by means of our indoorviewer IVION (see video on the right).Remote surveillance system. Together with our partners, we ensure that a building can run unmanned 24/7 with BIM as the basis

  • Remote Facility system. Together with our partners, we ensure that a building is monitored 24/7 by means of a security alarm. IOTs think of CO2, temperature, power consumption, flooding, odour, people counting and much more. With BIM as the basis.

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