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Crew-B is a young and dynamic company. Our clients are often companies with a significant real estate portfolio. We provide support for this.


Our 3D information models are used for VR, artist impressions and/or for building management.

We work in a close-knit team in which everyone is responsible for high-quality work. Crew-B won't do it for less.


Our team consists of professionals who are dedicated to BIM and follow all developments closely.

Our ambition is to map out their real estate for many large companies using our scanner and BIM, so that they can manage the operation of their real estate better, faster, cheaper, more efficiently and more sustainably.

BIM is a term that is often used in the realization phase. However, applying BIM in the management phase is relatively new.


Fortunately, there is increasing demand for it from the market.


Not without reason; the operational phase is the most costly in the life cycle of a building. This phase can be significantly optimized by applying BIM.


This is where we are experienced and excel!

Jorginho Kors_edited.jpg

Jorginho Kors

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Co-Founder (BSc)

Matthias Louwerens_edited.jpg

Matthias Louwerens

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Founding member (BSc)

Twan Burger_edited.jpg

Twan Burger

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Co-Founder (BSc)

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