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Together with MVSA, we combined forces to scan the home stadium of FC Utrecht so they can make a jump start in their project.

With use of GPS systems in combination with the VLX, we were able to accurately bring the existing structure into Revit on the exact coordinates.

Using two scanners we were able to scan and set out the coordinates for the stadium as efficiently as possible.

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Commissioned by PicNic, we scanned a hub in Amsterdam with the VLX and set up a Digital Twin based on the point cloud. Hubs are the smaller distribution centres where your groceries come from.

Prior to this process, we had to set up a template with elements that occur repeatedly in a PicNic hub. 


For example, Picnic now knows whether the overhead door belongs to the lessor or to PicNic itself.

cb0278 final.jpg


A very nice assignment from Atsence. 

For their software, they asked if we be able to provide a point cloud from Nemo Science Museum in Amsterdam.

Atsence's software makes it possible for blind and partially sighted people to navigate in public places.


The software runs on top of the point cloud data so that your location can be determined using AR.


Ask us about the possibilities.



This beautiful historical building, containing 5 floors including a basement and an attic, has been carefully scanned by us.

 An accurate model has been set up based on the scan in combination with the archival drawings.

Our indoor viewer is also a great asset to the construction team. With the indoor viewer, all parties involved can navigate through the building to view and measure everything again at any given time.

museumplein 1.png


We were able to scan this beautiful building with our mobile scanner, beside making an archival study.

Based on the scan in combination with the archive documents, the architectural and constructive model is set up according to BIM base ILS. Of course, with the scan as a starting point so that it is an accurate copy of reality.

With this architectural and constructive model/drawings we have laid the foundation for the permit and contractor drawings.

hypsos logo.png


We teamed up with Hypsos to scan and model this beautiful pavilion located on Champs-Élysées.

In order to temporary change the layout of this pavilion for the preperation of the Olympic Games in Paris, we had to accurately model all the elements like ornaments and ceiling trims.

cb0125-1 final.jpg
Tekengebied 1 kopie 3_0.5x.png


We are thrilled to announce that Basic-Fit, Europe's largest gym chain, is now expanding into Germany! Crew-B is excited to share updates on our newest location in Homburg.

We have scanned the location and processed it into a detailed point cloud, forming the basis for the club's full design and subscription. All stakeholders use this model for their activities. After completion, the club will be scanned again to verify the work, with our indoor viewer accessible to all stakeholders.

The lifecycle of our BIM continues beyond construction. Basic-Fit operates 1,500 clubs across The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, and Germany. All digital twins of these clubs are available 24/7 on Docs for stakeholders, ensuring smooth operations and maintenance.

In summary, Crew-B leads in BIM and scanning, guaranteeing quality and innovation at all locations.

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Monkey Town is expanding to Germany, and we give every project a smashing start!

Mulheim is the first location we scanned for Monkey Town with our mobile scanner.


We used the point cloud to accurately develop the existing situation into a BIM.


The BIM, export DWG and PDF is
delivered to the German architect who made the design and the permit application
will take care of.


Monkey Town and the architect make grateful use of our indoor viewer, which allows them to walk through the building on a web-based basis and measure everything digitally again.

cb0329-1 final.jpg
cb0388 final.jpg


Commissioned by Draw, we scanned a Villa in Aerdenhout with our VLX.

After the scan has been processed into a point cloud, we set up the BIM of the existing situation based on the point cloud.

Draw takes it from here in combination with our indoor viewer, with which Draw and the client can navigate through the house on a web-based basis and measure everything again.

The current kitchen, pantry and garage will be converted into a beautiful living kitchen.


They are in good hands!

Tekengebied 1 kopie 35_0.5x.png


Bartiméus is an institution for the care of people who are visually impaired or blind, and Atsence offers an indoor navigation solution so that visually impaired and blind people can navigate in public places.​


A wonderful solution!

Atsence uses our scan data for their software and has asked us to
station to scan Arnhem station.


Our mobile scanners have scanned this at high speed with high accuracy, which benefits the software.

cb0024 final.jpg
20211208_4159_B-F_Caen Rue de la Falaise_RS_DYN (1).jpg
Tekengebied 1 kopie 3_0.5x.png


For Basic-Fit, we have scanned more then 1300 existing and newly built locations over the past 5 years.

The Digital Twin was set up based on the scan. Basic-Fit uses this data for the delivery of the locations, facility management, all smart systems in the club and much more.

Ask for the possibilities.

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