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When enough information has been collected, an excellent 3D information model can be built.


​We do this with the latest software and follow ILS (information delivery specification) standards or compagny standards if required.

Think of building, renovations, facility management, Remote Surveillance systems, Virtual Reality images, quantities, sensors and checking quotations.

Team vergadering


  • Accurate model or drawing based on our scans. If desired in combination with an archival investigation. Prevents failure costs due to inaccurate or missing records during the design and construction process.

  • Creating Digital Twins for digitizing real estate portfolios.

  • Model/drawing for Environmental Permit, Activities Decree and/or Notifications

  • Fire alarm system drawings and escape plans

  • Permit drawings/working drawings for renovation (extension, dormer window, superstructure, bay window, facade change, outbuilding, structural change and/or breakthrough). All-in-1! Design, architecture, construction and permit. Free permit advice and contractor recommendations.

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