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Case: CS Arnhem

Bartiméus is an institution for the care of people who are visually impaired or blind, and Atsence offers an indoor navigation solution so that visually impaired and blind people can navigate in public places.​


A wonderful solution!

Atsence uses our scan data for their software and has asked us to
station to scan Arnhem station.


Our mobile scanners have scanned this at high speed with high accuracy, which benefits the software.

cb0024 final.jpg


The building must be adequately mapped to deliver an excellent 3D information model.


If old 2D drawings are no longer correct or missing, the point cloud offers a solution.

Crew-B owns three VLX mobile scanners. These portable scanners are highly accurate and lightning-fast because the VLX is mobile!


You have come to the right place for the Scan-to-BIM principle.


When enough information has been collected, an excellent 3D information model can be built.


We do this with the latest software and follow ILS (information delivery specification) standards.

Think of facility management, renovations, RS systems, Virtual Reality images, quantities, sensors and checking quotations.


When there are 3D information models of your building, it is, of course, desirable that these are shared with you quickly and securely.


After all, information must be easy and easily accessible.

Our clients can use the BIM in Docs for facilities management, MJOPs, sensors or Remote Surveillance systems, among other things.

56+ clients in 7 countries.

2000+ scans are made within 5 years.

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