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Scanning, Modelling and Digital Twins.


The 3D Scanning, Modelling and Management of each project.


The building must be adequately mapped to deliver an excellent 3D information model.


If old 2D drawings are no longer correct or missing, the point cloud offers a solution.

Crew-B owns three VLX mobile scanners. These portable scanners are highly accurate and lightning-fast because the VLX is mobile!


You have come to the right place for the Scan-to-BIM principle.


When enough information has been collected, an excellent 3D information model can be built.


We do this with the latest software and follow ILS (information delivery specification) standards.

Think of facility management, renovations, RS systems, Virtual Reality images, quantities, sensors and checking quotations.


When there are 3D information models of your building, it is, of course, desirable that these are shared with you quickly and securely.


After all, information must be easy and easily accessible.

Our clients can use the BIM in Docs for facilities management, MJOPs, sensors or Remote Surveillance systems, among other things.

"Our ambition is to map out your real estate using Pointcloud and BIM so that you can manage better, faster, cheaper, more efficiently and more sustainably".

56+ clients in 7 countries.

2000+ scans are made within 5 years.

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Our mission

"We want to lead Europe into the digital era of buildings, prevent mistakes in the design phase and provide the most accurate point clouds, models and digital twins".

“Crew-B B.V. has been our partner for 5 years. Together we have experienced an incredibly beautiful development in the field of Pointclouds, BIM and Digital Twins.
Crew-B B.V. is there for our new construction process and the existing clubs.
We are happy with the high quality, fast delivery and good communication.”
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Bas der Nederlanden

Concept Development Manager, Basic-Fit

“In retail and hospitality it is important that speed and accuracy are very high, as opposed to price.
Crew-B is really the right party for our BIM and Pointclouds for us.
Our BIM department and Crew-B have been working and extending each other for 2.5 years.”
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Niek Adriaans

Project Engineer, Bulsink

“We often work with monumental villas of which archive documents are missing.
The Crew-B scanners are a great solution for this. Based on the scan, accurate and structurally well-constructed models are delivered. We also gratefully use IVION.
This indoor viewer platform ensures that we can walk through the house together with the client.

Ward Magry

Owner, Architect Draw

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